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Thursday, July 28

8:30am EDT

9:00am EDT

Agile Clinical Decision Support Development (Vaishnavi Kannan, DuWayne Willett) Kennesaw Agilists as Agents of Social Evolution: Our Calling and Our Responsibility-Deuxième Partie (Lyssa Adkins)POPULAR Spring The Conflict Fast Model - Changing a pseudo agile-team into a real agile-team (Manoel Pimentel Medeiros)POPULAR Hanover FG Building Cultural Agility (Nicola Dourambeis) Regency VII Performance Appraisal MAKEOVER: Stop measuring people & Start evaluating your ecosystem (Omar BERMUDEZ)Popular Hanover DE Becoming a Polyglot - Simple API Server in 4 Languages (Kirsten Hunter) Hanover C The Art of the Open Closed Principle (Dustin Williams)POPULAR Lenox In Pursuit of Continuous Delivery at Pluralsight (Jonathan Turner)POPULAR Courtland Start Your Engines! Accelerating DevOps Performance using Lean Metrics (Gail Ferreira)POPULAR Dunwoody Agile Economics: Budgets, Contracts, Capitalization (Pavel Dabrytski)POPULAR Inman Being Agile About Qualities: Values, Practices, and Patterns (Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Joseph Yoder)Popular Hanover AB Don't just do something, stand there! Why being 'productive' is slowing us down. (Adam Yuret)POPULAR Regency V The Empathetic Engineer: Shifting from output to impact (Susan Johnston, Shawn Button) Centennial 4 How to run Agile Community Events to make them great trusted learning Environments (Martin Heider) Regency VI Agile Program Management: Measurements to See Value and Delivery (Johanna Rothman)POPULAR Centennial 1 A Hands-On Introduction to Exploratory Testing (Claire Moss)POPULAR Fairlie The Agile Communication Game (Dan Ashby, Emma Armstrong)POPULAR Baker Ghostbusting User Stories - Uncovering hidden users (Alan Parkinson)POPULAR Learning Center Rapid Requirements Gathering (Scott Killen)POPULAR Piedmont

9:45am EDT

10:45am EDT

Transforming an Advertising Agency: Bringing an Agile Mindset Beyond Engineering (David Grabel, Staci Dubovik)POPULAR Kennesaw Wait. What does self-organizing even mean? - Deuxième Partie (Alex Harms)POPULAR Spring Data Driven Coaching – Safely turning team data into coaching insights (Troy Magennis) Regency VII Focused Agile Coaching: co-create, capture and share your coaching vision (Alexey Krivitsky)POPULAR Regency V Agile Contracts - Doomed from the Start (Fadi Stephan)Popular Hanover DE The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback (kenny melancon)POPULAR Courtland Avoiding Test-Driven Damage (David Bernstein)POPULAR Hanover C Software Craftsmanship and Agile Code Games (Michael Clement)POPULAR Piedmont Containers Will Not Fix Your Broken Culture (and Other Hard Truths) (Bridget Kromhout, Andrew Clay Shafer)POPULAR Learning Center A Roadmap Towards an Agile Transformation (Skip Angel, Andrew Sales)POPULAR Hanover FG Lean-Agile Development for Large Enterprises: Adding Hardware to the Mix (Harry Koehnemann, Alex Yakyma) Centennial 1 Technical Debt: OK, It's Bad. Now What Do We Do About It? (Tom Grant, Declan Whelan)POPULAR Inman Lessons Learned: Using Agile with the State of Washington Enterprise Services (Greg Smith) Lenox How to Create Leaders at All Levels (Esther Derby)Popular Centennial 4 When Things Get Real: What Combat Operations Taught Me About Agility (Jack Wooten) Hanover AB Hacking getKanban v2.0: Advanced Game Mechanics to Illuminate Lean & Create Real Change (Cheryl Hammond) Regency VI Exploratory Testing an API (Maaret Pyhäjärvi) Baker Version Control Will Save Your (Product Design & UX) Life (Jonathan Berger) Fairlie What did they *Really* Want? Bottom Line Impacts of Customer Collaboration (Bernie Maloney)POPULAR Dunwoody

1:30pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Agile Things My Agile Mother Never Taught Me - Première Partie (Michael Hill)POPULAR Spring Domino Game: Pair-Coaching to increase Self-Efficacy (Victor Bonacci, Brett Palmer)Popular Regency V Powerful Connection with Passionate Listening!!! (Pradeepa Narayanaswamy) Regency VI Meeting resistance and moving forward (Linda Rising)Popular Centennial 4 Moose on the table: Enabling you to use LEGO techniques to improve your retrospectives (Mike Bowler, Ellen Grove)POPULAR Dunwoody A Complete Acceptance & Test-Driven Development Example (Don McGreal)POPULAR Courtland Architects in an Agile World (Thomas Nedwek)POPULAR Hanover C Building dynamic CD environments in 15 minutes! (Daniel Piessens)Popular Baker The Twelve-Factor Container (Casey West)Popular Lenox AstraZeneca - Agile Transformation that was caught, not taught (Justine Johnston, Patricia Sheehan)Popular Hanover FG How *Better, Faster, Cheaper* Happens – The Economics of Enterprise Agility (Alan Goerner)POPULAR Hanover AB The Evolution of Agile in The Federal Government – A policy or implementation problem? (Matthew Kennedy)POPULAR Fairlie Inviting Transformation: Personal and Organizational Growth (Michael Sahota, Olaf Lewitz) Regency VII Leadership Styles for a Successful Agile Transformation (Chris Sims)Popular Centennial 1 The Dojo – Implementing an Immersive Learning Environment for Teams (Jonathan Schauer, Christopher Schwartz)POPULAR Inman The Black Art of Valuing Stories - Demystified (Scott Killen)POPULAR Hanover DE Things That Go Bump In the Night - Product Risk Assessment in Agile (Annette Head)POPULAR Piedmont Using UX Skills to Influence a Scrum Team: An Agile UX Case Study (Tonya McCarley)POPULAR Kennesaw Persona Based Teams - The Ultimate Focus (Mike Lowery, Rob Vandenberg)Popular Learning Center

3:45pm EDT

Agile Things My Agile Mother Never Taught Me - Deuxième Partie (Michael Hill)POPULAR Spring Coaching the Agile Enterprise: The Integral Agile Transformation Framework ™ Comes Alive (Michael Spayd, Michael Hamman) Centennial 1 The Power of Habit. What Can We Change? (Saya Sone)POPULAR Regency V Communicating and Collaborating: How Distributed Agile Teams Can Thrive (David Horowitz, Mark Kilby)Popular Regency VI Self-selection: Minimising Chaos through Effective Team Design (Sandy Mamoli, David Mole) Regency VII Detecting and Preventing Code Clones Mercilessly (Amr Noaman) Fairlie Emergent Architecture - Just Enough Just in Time (Michael Vincent)POPULAR Inman Devops: Turning Human Capital into High Performance Organizational Capital (John Willis)POPULAR Lenox Practical Considerations and Pearls of Wisdom from the DevOps Front Lines (Jean Dahl)Popular Hanover FG Agile at the Intersect of Mobile, Cloud, and the Internet of Things (Don MacIntyre)POPULAR Kennesaw Agile@Salesforce.. Crafting the Next wave of Agility (Stuart McCalla, Nick McDuffie)POPULAR Hanover C Performance Reviews that don’t Suck (Todd Little, Andrew Tuttle) Centennial 4 A Tale of Two Backlogs: How the FBI Manages a Candidate Backlog and a Working Backlog (Stephanie Bernardi, Tracy Brown)POPULAR Learning Center Purpose Driven Teams (Matt Badgley)POPULAR Hanover AB Using Games to make training interactive and FUN!!!! (Kate Megaw, Anu Smalley)POPULAR Hanover DE How an Expedite Request Sunk the Titanic (Daniel Vacanti)Popular Courtland User Story Smells and Anti-patterns (Fadi Stephan)POPULAR Baker Software needs Design Thinking (Mohinder Khosla)POPULAR Piedmont Getting to 20/20 - Creating a Product Vision Board (Christina Hartikainen)POPULAR Dunwoody

7:30pm EDT

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