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Wednesday, July 27

8:30am EDT

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Agile marketing: a new reality! (Marie-Christine Legault)POPULAR Kennesaw Introduction to Agile Enterprise Transitions (Hendrik Esser)POPULAR Hanover AB Wait. What does self-organizing even mean? - Première Partie (Alex Harms)POPULAR Spring How to Work Personality Issues Without Sounding Like a Marriage Guidance Counsellor? (Hans Samios)POPULAR Regency V Stop talking to a Brick Wall - how culture impacts conversations about Agile (Peter Green, Jake Calabrese) Centennial 4 The Journey from Monolith to Microservices: A Guided Adventure (Mike Gehard)POPULAR Learning Center The Science Of Troubleshooting (Shawn Button)POPULAR Dunwoody Failing @ Scaling: Don't Panic, and Carry a Towel (Em Campbell-Pretty)POPULAR Hanover DE Guiding Agile Cultural Adaptation At Scale (Ebenezer Ikonne)POPULAR Courtland From Agile Coach & Trainer, to CEO, Should I Follow My Own $%*!@ Advice? (Anthony Montgomery, David Bulkin)POPULAR Hanover FG Managers and the Land of the Lost (Steve Martin, Tiffany Willis) Regency VI Self-Experimentation: Radical Continuous Learning (Thomas Perry) Regency VII Lightning Talk - People, Process & TechnologyPOPULAR Lenox From Vision to Execution: Linking Strategy to Action with Hoshin Kanri (Jorgen Hesselberg)POPULAR Hanover C Unconventional Agility: Beyond Dogma (Brandon Carlson) Centennial 1 Arlo Belshee's Stalwarts Session (Arlo Belshee) Inman Talk The Walk - Using Language to Improve Testing (Eric Jacobson)POPULAR Piedmont Double the dollar; Cut the features your stakeholders want that your customers don't need (Paul Smith, Mark Ferencik)POPULAR Baker Value mapping with fewer dollars and more sense (Natalie Warnert)POPULAR Fairlie

11:30am EDT

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2:00pm EDT

Beyond Portfolio: The agile transformation of a multinational financial institution (Jordi Falguera)POPULAR Kennesaw Introduction to Agile Product Innovation (Rich Mironov)POPULAR Hanover AB Systems Outside of Time - Première Partie (Jessica Kerr) Spring Powerful Questions Workshop for Agile Coaches (Martin Alaimo, Olaf Lewitz)Popular Regency VII The Product Owner's Universe (Luke Lackrone, Merland Halisky)POPULAR Dunwoody Reinventing culture as your team changes (Csaba Patkós) Regency VI Living on the Edge (Service): Bundling Microservices to Optimize for Devices (Mark Heckler)POPULAR Fairlie Systematic Code Deletion as an Agile Practice (Michael Feathers)POPULAR Learning Center New Rules for DevOps Radicals (Jeff Hackert)POPULAR Hanover C Beyond Lean UX: Making Enterprise Agility and Scrum more User-Centred (Matthew Hodgson)POPULAR Courtland Can we do that here? Implementing Devops at the speed of government (Joshua Seckel)POPULAR Lenox Building Blocks of a Knowledge Work Culture (Doc Norton) Centennial 4 Improving Performance Reviews and Feedback Discussions with Conversation Modeling (Jason Tice)Popular Regency V Intentional Learning - Map a Successful Strategy (JoEllen Carter, Claire Moss) Hanover DE Servant *Learner*ship: Exploring Teacher, Student & Community to grow better Agile Coaches (Lyssa Adkins, Timothy Meyers)Popular Centennial 1 Building a Fast, Flexible Flow Using SAFe 4.0 Lean Agile Portfolio Management (Jean Dahl)POPULAR Hanover FG Waiting for Godot: Concrete approaches to busting delays & why your enterprise should care (Adam Yuret)POPULAR Baker Ellen Gottesdiener's Stalwarts Session (Ellen Gottesdiener) Inman The Fast Foundation Workshop: Setting Up Projects for Success (Jeremy Kriegel)POPULAR Piedmont

2:45pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

Delivering BI projects using Agile (Syed Rayhan, Gurushyam Mony)POPULAR Kennesaw Systems Outside of Time - Deuxième Partie (Jessica Kerr) Spring The Manager Role for Enterprise Agility - this is what Good looks like (Russ Lewis)POPULAR Hanover DE Build Strong Teams through Trust & Alignment (David Hawks, Doc List) Regency VII The Toyota Kata - Retrospectives with a Purpose (Inger Dickson)POPULAR Hanover C Irresistible APIs (Kirsten Hunter)Popular Courtland Version Control Your UI (Adam Carmi)Popular Lenox The Misaligned Middle - Getting IT Managers On Board with Change (Dominica DeGrandis) Centennial 1 Where do I plug my Agile into the DevOps? Panel (Peter Nealon, Nivia Henry)POPULAR Hanover AB How to make SAFe really SAFE - Scaling Agile using Pull/Invite rather than Push/Mandate (yuval yeret)POPULAR Baker Value Points: Maximizing Digital Services ROI using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (Stephen Mayner)Popular Fairlie Agile Architect - Turning Followers into Leaders (Chris Edwards) Regency VI Agile for Social Good - a discovery session to identify non-profit needs and how to help (Manoj Vadakkan, Bob Payne) Dunwoody The Neurology of Learning - Your Brain on Agile Games (Laura Powers) Centennial 4 Fortune-teller to scientist: a lean approach to predicting successful products (Kylie Castellaw, Hugo Corbucci)POPULAR Piedmont Jumping off the hamster wheel with Kanban (Julia Wester, Anna Kovats)POPULAR Regency V Woody Zuill's Stalwarts Session (Woody Zuill) Inman I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means: 'Quality' & Why We Should Stop Saying It (Cheryl Hammond)POPULAR Hanover FG Your New Bottom Line - Delighting Your Customers (Michael Vincent)POPULAR Learning Center

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