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Tuesday, July 26

8:30am EDT

9:00am EDT

Swarm – Beyond Pair, Beyond Scrum (Danijel Arsenovski) KennesawPOPULAR Introduction to Agile Development Practice Basics for Everyone (not just Developers) (Tim Ottinger) Hanover ABPOPULAR Agilists as Agents of Social Evolution: Our Calling and Our Responsibility-Première Partie (Lyssa Adkins) SpringPOPULAR Outcome Oriented Agility: Transformations that work with, rather than against, cultures (Jay Packlick) Hanover FGPOPULAR Question Storming: A Technique to Storm Your Way to Better Understanding & Success (Manjit Singh) FairliePOPULAR Design your Agile Organization using SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) principles (Catherine Louis, Raj Mudhar) Hanover DEPopular Escape a collapsing Temple and learn about Agile team dynamics (Martin Heider) Regency VI The Technical Debt Trap (Doc Norton) CourtlandPOPULAR Measuring DevOps: the Key Metrics that Matter (Anders Wallgren) BakerPOPULAR A Principles Based Approach to Scaling Agile (Peter Green, Peter Saddington MDiv, CST) Centennial 1 Super Product Ownership - Creating and Scaling Product Ownership in the Federal Government (Richard Cheng, Bridget Dongarra) PiedmontPOPULAR Expect-Engage-React: Simple Steps for Leading Great Teams (Jeffrey Davidson) Regency VPOPULAR Humor Trumps All: How fun improves learning (Tamsen Mitchell) Regency VII Connecting the Dots : Linking Agile Strategy to Execution (Gail Ferreira, Alan Leeds) DunwoodyPOPULAR Jim Newkirk's Stalwarts Session (James Newkirk) Inman Test Automation: Agile Enablement for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Teams (Lynn Winterboer, Cher Fox) LenoxPOPULAR Future Technologies or The Automated Startup Robot (Andreas Schliep, Peter Beck) Learning Center Introduction to Assumptions Mapping (David Bland) Hanover CPOPULAR #DiscoveryDojo: Hunting Value with Structured Conversations (Ellen Gottesdiener, Steve Holyer) Centennial 4

9:45am EDT

10:45am EDT

Open Transformation (Todd Kromann, Mike Carey) KennesawPOPULAR Introduction to Agile Collaboration and Teamwork (Nicole Belilos) Hanover ABPOPULAR Distributed Agile: Evolution or Delusion? - Deuxième Partie (Mark Kilby) SpringPOPULAR Coaching Teams: Environment + People (Esther Derby) Centennial 4POPULAR Help your organization outlearn the competition with Quantitative Improvement (Ashley Johnson, Arlo Belshee) Regency VII A Path to High Performance: A Team Culture and Identity Building Game (Joshua Rowell, Arturo Robles Maloof) Hanover DEPOPULAR Dealing with Dysfunction – Using couples counselling patterns to manage conflict (Matthew Hodgson) Hanover FGPOPULAR Career growth, recognition and continuous learning for software craftspeople (Steve Ropa) BakerPOPULAR When the Database Hits the Fan: Our Transformation into DevOps During Disaster Recovery (Mary Beth Snapp) PiedmontPopular With Sociocracy, Hierarchy Becomes Agile (Jutta Eckstein, John Buck) FairliePOPULAR The Business of Agile: Better, Faster, Cheaper (Ryan Ripley) Hanover CPOPULAR Lightning Talks - Process LenoxPOPULAR Pin the Tail on the Metric (Steve Martin) Regency VI The State of NoEstimates (Woody Zuill) Centennial 1 Incorporating security testing into an agile testing approach (Jeffery Payne) CourtlandPopular 2020: The State of Agility (Jann Thomas) Learning CenterPOPULAR Service Design in the Enterprise (Jabe Bloom, Will Evans) Dunwoody “Let’s Be Awesome”: Practices, Frameworks and Games to Improve Customer Collaboration (Jason Tice, Kevin Simpkins) Regency VPOPULAR

11:30am EDT

1:30pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Facilitation #FTW! A surprising tool in an Agile transformation (Billie Schuttpelz) KennesawPOPULAR Introduction to Agile Delivery (James Shore) Hanover AB Unlocking Innovation in Product Discovery - Première Partie (Dion Stewart) SpringPOPULAR The Secrets of Facilitating Retrospectives and other Meetings (Jutta Eckstein) Regency VIIPopular Battling Scrum fatigue (Gavin Coughlan) DunwoodyPOPULAR The Five Dysfunctions of an Improvised Comedy Group (Paul Hammond, Daniel Attfield) Centennial 1 Advice Process for Effective Organizational Decision-Making (Michael Sahota) Regency V Stop Using Agile with Waterfall Goals: Goal Agility with OKR (Objectives and Key Results) (Felipe Castro) LenoxPOPULAR WIP: The tragedy continues (Eric Willeke) CourtlandPOPULAR Can a simple room cause leadership tranformation? (Ruben Jannink, Peter Noordzij) Hanover FGPOPULAR Growing Your Servant Leadership (Johanna Rothman) Centennial 4POPULAR Agile is fun, your training should be too! (J.P. Beaudry, Sean Barrett) PiedmontPOPULAR Growth Mindset -> Learning Organisation -> Agility (Marian Willeke) Regency VI Your User Stories Are Too Big! (Chris Sims) Hanover DEPOPULAR Stephen Denning's Stalwarts Session (Stephen Denning) InmanPOPULAR Does Agile still need testers? (John Stevenson) Learning CenterPOPULAR Test Your Own Stuff! Dealing with Dependencies Between (and on) Agile Teams (Alex Kell) BakerPOPULAR UX and A3 Thinking: User First Problem Exploration (Catherine Swetel, Michael Caponero) Hanover CPOPULAR Impact Mapping at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant without mistakes, Doh! (Justin Kotze) FairliePOPULAR

2:45pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

Mob Programming for the Introverted - Curated XR Program (Aaron Griffith) KennesawPopular Introduction to Agile Leadership: Recognizing and Removing Impediments (Thomas Perry) Hanover ABPOPULAR Unlocking Innovation in Product Discovery - Deuxième Partie (Dion Stewart) SpringPOPULAR Surprise! Coaching leaders is DIFFERENT than coaching teams (Bob Galen) Regency VIIPOPULAR Cultivate Brainstorming Commandos for Creative Problem Solving!!!! (Pradeepa Narayanaswamy) DunwoodyPOPULAR Can We Deliver Mobile Apps Continuously? (Dan Waters) Learning CenterPOPULAR Agile Capitalization (Dan Greening) BakerPOPULAR Experiences Bringing Continuous Delivery to a DoD Project (Gene Gotimer) LenoxPOPULAR Agile Leadership: Practical Steps to a Delicate Balance (Susan DiFabio) Centennial 4 Women in Agile: I Want to See You Be Brave (Kara Minotti Becker) Hanover DEPOPULAR Objectivity or subjectivity? Owning your bias and interactions (Natalie Warnert) FairliePOPULAR What Are You Seeing That I'm Not Seeing?: Developing Empathy Skill (Andrew Annett, Susan Johnston) Regency VPopular Scaling Product Development: More Product Learning without More Process Focus (David Hussman) Centennial 1 Virtuous Metrics - Most metrics are the devil. Be an angel. (Adam Weisbart) Regency VIPOPULAR Ron & Chet's Stalwarts Session (Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson) InmanPOPULAR Foundations of Quality (Paul Carvalho) Hanover FG Informing Design Sprints with User Research (Timothy Boyd) Hanover CPopular The Four Fictional Faces of Scaled Stakeholder Management (Drew Jemilo) PiedmontPOPULAR

4:30pm EDT

5:30pm EDT

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