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Monday, July 25

8:00am EDT

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Dynamic reteaming: how we thrived by rebuilding teams (Heidi Helfand)POPULAR Kennesaw Introduction to Agile: The Genesis (James Newkirk)Popular Hanover AB Distributed Agile: Evolution or Delusion? - Première Partie (Mark Kilby)POPULAR Spring Coaching Nightmares: Insights we can Learn from Gordon Ramsay (Craig Smith)POPULAR Regency VI Finding Agreement When Everyone Is Right (Michael Tardiff)POPULAR Hanover DE From Kickoff to Liftoff: Don’t Forget Context! (Ellen Grove, Steve Holyer) Regency VII Learning from Bad Examples - Readability and Python (Bryan Beecham, Tim Ottinger)POPULAR Lenox Building the Business Case for DevOps (Kathryn Kuhn, Christine Hudson)POPULAR Baker Making Infrastructure as Awesome as Agile Software (Markus Silpala)POPULAR Fairlie Agile in name only: It's not a problem, it's a solution (Matthew Carlson)POPULAR Hanover C The Executives Step-by-Step Guide to Leading Large-Scale Agile Transformation (Mike Cottmeyer)POPULAR Centennial 4 Modernizing Government: How Agencies Became Awesome Places to Work using Holacracy & Scrum (Paul Takken, Michael DeAngelo) Courtland Achieving your Vision through Servant Leadership (Rob Wisehart)POPULAR Regency V I've Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription is More Feedback (John Krewson) Centennial 1 Creating Alignment with The Product Wall Release Planning Workshop (Alan Dayley)POPULAR Dunwoody Intro to Agile Product Management (Rich Mironov)POPULAR Inman Scrum is 21 – and see how it has grown, but is it not over yet (Dave West)Popular Learning Center Being Agile to become Customer centric (Angel Diaz-Maroto Alvarez)POPULAR Piedmont Decoding the Enigma of Product Discovery & Feature Prioritization (Anu Smalley, Kate Megaw)Popular Hanover FG

11:30am EDT

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2:00pm EDT

Dynamic Cultural and Technical Transformation - Challenges for Engineering Managers (Yukari Hasebe, Mai Le)POPULAR Kennesaw Introduction to Agile Requirements: User Stories, Backlogs, and Adaptive Planning (Mary Gorman)POPULAR Hanover AB Scaling in Context (or Failing in Pretext) - Première Partie (Anders Ivarsson, Jurgen Appelo)POPULAR Spring Scrabbling To Find A Good Agile Game? Which Should Be Uno On Your List? (Tom Grant)POPULAR Dunwoody Games for Doing (Don McGreal)Popular Regency VI A Millennial’s Perspective on Software Craftsmanship (Ajay Fewell, Jesse Fewell)POPULAR Hanover C Strong-Style Pairing (Llewellyn Falco, Maaret Pyhäjärvi)POPULAR Hanover FG Identifying and Recruiting DevOps Engineers into Your Organization and Community (Julie Gunderson)POPULAR Lenox Deploying a Data-Centric Approach to Enterprise Agility (Jorgen Hesselberg, Rajan Seriampalayam)POPULAR Piedmont How to be Agile in Non-IT Organizations - Breaking the Software Constraint (Jake Calabrese)POPULAR Regency V Agile Acquisition not Acquisition for Agile (Joshua Seckel)Popular Fairlie Emergent Leadership in Action (David Chilcott) Centennial 4 How to Train Your HiPPO (Joshua Arnold)POPULAR Baker My Own Personal Leanness (Catherine Swetel)POPULAR Courtland This is Your Brain on Agile: Overcoming Fear, Anger, and Apathy When Teaching Agile Topics (Joe Ziadeh) Regency VII Everything is important RIGHT NOW! How do I determine a Minimum Viable Product? (Jenny Swan, Amanda Tygart)POPULAR Hanover DE Digital Disruption: Let's Create The Future of Agile (Robert Woods)POPULAR Learning Center Build, Measure, Learn is Not Enough (Amanda Stockwell)POPULAR Inman Critically Thinking Your Design DNA (Kupe Kupersmith) Centennial 1

2:45pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

Large Scale Agile Transformations: An Insider's Guide and Toolkit (Alan Padula)POPULAR Kennesaw Introduction to Agile Testing: Everyone Owns Quality (Matthew Heusser)POPULAR Hanover AB Scaling in Context (or Failing in Pretext) - Deuxième Partie (Anders Ivarsson, Jurgen Appelo)POPULAR Spring Body Talk - It's Not Just What You Say that Counts (Laura Powers)Popular Regency VI How to Get Your Whole Team Talking (Gil Broza)POPULAR Hanover DE Insights and Connections: Using Sense Making to Think & Decide in Uncertainty (Lynne Cazaly)POPULAR Inman The Agile Database Techniques Stack: Bridging the Agile/Data Cultural Divide (Scott Ambler) Regency V An Executive Insider's Guide to Enterprise Agile Transformation (Scott Richardson)POPULAR Dunwoody Building Large, Mission-Critical Software and Systems with SAFe 4.0 (Dean Leffingwell) Centennial 1 Organizational Agility: It's Not a Sprint, It's a Marathon (Stephanie Ockerman)POPULAR Piedmont Tax authority in agile transition: road to glory (Sabina Renshof, Dick Verheije) Fairlie #StopTheMimimi: from victim to protagonist (Erica Briones Graciano) Courtland Leadership is an Extreme Sport (Em Campbell-Pretty) Regency VII Accelerate Learning for Individuals, Teams and Organizations with Agile Feedback Systems (Satish Thatte)POPULAR Baker Lightning Talks - PeoplePOPULAR Lenox Forecasting Using Data - Quickly answering how big, how long and how likely (Troy Magennis) Centennial 4 Just Enough: Minimally Viable Agile (Troy Tuttle)POPULAR Hanover FG Agile Testing Maturity – What does “Good” Look Like? (Bob Galen)POPULAR Hanover C You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See: Visualizations that Spark Conversation and Change (David Hussman)POPULAR Learning Center

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